Puglia Gay Bars

Puglia has become known as one of the most tolerant of places and many venues are now mixed and being gay is something to be proud about. Below we list a few Gay Bars/Venues.

Gogo Bar


Corso Roma, 13G, 73014 Gallipoli LE
+39 333 188 1939

Gogo is a gay bar set in the new part of Gallipoli. It is only a short 10 minute stroll from the old town and opens around 10pm (sometimes later). A relaxed friendly atmosphere where all the gay locals come to hang out. Drinks are well priced and the music is fun.





Lido Pôr do Sol

Baia Verde, Gallipoli

Litoranea Per Santa Maria Di Leuca, 73014 Baia Verde LE
+39 340 302 3003


Lido Pôr do Sol is a gay and mixed beach Lido set on the beautiful sandy beaches of Gallipoli in the Baia Verde area. By day it is a relaxed beach Lido with soft beats in the background and a bar which offers an arrange of snacks, coffees soft drinks and alcohol. It turns into a fun party night on the weekends and some evenings during the week. Particularly crowded for the Sunset DJ set on Sundays and every day during the month of August. Dance to amazing tracks whilst taking intermittent dips in the beautiful Ionian sea. The staff are really friendly and the atmosphere is really relaxed.


Ceglie Massapica

Piazza Vecchia 17, Ceglie Messapica (Br)
+39 338 946 1912


Calce is a mixed and gay bar or more a paninoteca concept shop set in the historical heart of Ceglie Massapica in the Itrian Valley. It is open every day till 2am. A place where you can savor some of the typical flavors of Puglia and have a drink or two. The sandwiches are out of this world! Relaxed atmoshpere with a social space connected which organizes dancing lessons and Italian classes for tourists. Email info@calce.net for information on this. There is also an adjoining fashion shop as well as a holistic and sports massage area. For information on booking a massage please visit www.pugliamassage.com or email info@pugliamassage.com.