Puglia Gay Beaches

Puglia has some of the best Gay beaches and Gay friendly beaches in Europe. Sink your feet into the Carribean like sand in Salento! Use this page to get information on the best beaches in Puglia, Italy.

D’Ayala beach (in Commenda)

Campo Marino

D’Ayala Beach is the most frequented gay beach in Puglia by the Italians. It is right in the middle of a fairly long stretch of sandy beachline and for this reason it is popular with all the Italians. It is supposed to be a bit of a kept secret but we love it so much we had to share it with you!

It is also famous for being a nude beach. Yes clothing is optional! Please note that nudity is still illegal in Italy so there is a risk of getting a fine, this has not seemed to deter anyone though!

All through the summer there is also a vendor selling fresh drinks, ice-creams and local beers (try the Raffo it is smooth and crisp).

The beach is super friendly and for a change the gay bit is in between the straight bits! Besides being a gay beach it is also a great beach with a lovely shallow stretch that allows you to wade for hours.

Coordinates: 40.297091, 17.541842
From Taranto, head south and after the small town of Torre Ovo, follow the coast towards Campomarino. Before getting to the pretty town of Campomarino, you will see a sign on the right for Commenda. Park on the road, and walk through a small sandy street towards the sea. The gay section is about 800m on the left. The walk is easy, sand dunes on the left protected by a private pinewood, a haven for the naturists out there! You know you have arrived when you see all the men frolicking in the water.

Por Do Sol


Gallipoli has become the top gay destination in the last few years, attracting not only Italians, but more and more international tourists from all over the world. Not surprisingly Lido Por Do Sol sits on a long stretch of beachline south of Gallipoli. The Italian Ibiza, as it is often referred to, is indeed the capital of Gay Salento! The success of this destinations is also due to the beauty of its beaches, and in particular to the sandy Baia Verde.

Coordinates: 40.0380556, 18.0138889
Located right in the middle of the breathtaking Baia Verde, south of the town of Gallipoli, you will find Lido Por Do Sol, a private lido on the beach with a lazy bar terrace on the seafront. It is the only 100% Gay Salento LGBT friendly private beach. The atmosphere is amazing: stunning view of the bay of Gallipoli; friendly people; relaxing chillout music thorughout the day and an enchanted forest behind you. In the early evenings, while the sun is setting over the sea, the bar overlooking the bay becomes the set for beach aperitifs accompanied by DJs playing the sounds of summer.

If you prefer a more chilled environment, don’t stress as Por Do Sol has plenty of space for a relaxing day on the beach: if you get there early you can still find a spot to lay down your towel and catch a tan.

Por Do Sol is particularly crowded during the month of August,  especially during the weekends. Every Sunday afternoon, From 4pm the music will pick up a notch and the Sunset Beach Party will start. You will find yourself dancing along until dinner time! 😉

Torre Guaceto


Torre Guaceto is a huge protected natural reserve! It has many beaches and since it is illegal to build here it is one of the beautiful gems of Puglia. The further you walk from the car park the less people there are on the beach. That is the good news. On the flip side, the gay stretch of beach is around an hour walk away through the nature reserve. Not for the fainthearted clearly but the rewards are worth it when you arrive. Set within a secluded part of the reserve with the ancient ‘Torre’ (tower) in front of you, this is a naturist paradise. We would suggest making a day of it and bringing a picnic basket with you.

Coordinates: 40.709823, 17.798655
Torre Guaceto is about 14km north from the city of Brindisi. You can park in the big parking lot of Penna Grossa, the main beach for Torre Guaceto (take this exit from the main road if you are coming from Bari or Brindisi) You will then need to walk around 55 minutes along the reserve (in the direction of Brindisi) in order to reach the gay naturist bay. The walk itself is stunning, admire the fauna and fauna in this reserve. When you reach the Torre (tower) walk towards the bay. When you get your feet wet you know you are nearly there! It is worth the effort, there is no place like this on earth.

San Cataldo


Once known as Port Adriano, and it was the mouth of the port city of Lecce, now it is one of the beach destinations and popular amongst nudists.
Traces of the ancient port structures are still visible today in the marble and granite columns for mooring the boats. San Cataldo is a small marina, frequented mainly by the inhabitants of Lecce but recently it has become popular with international tourists. The coastline is characterized by a long series of beaches and low cliffs that overlook a shallow and clear sea. The beaches are surrounded by a thick pine forest and sand that lies embedded in the creeks is white and Caribbean like. A few kilometers from San Cataldo is the natural oasis of the Cesine, one of the marshy areas where you will find the gay and nudist beach.

Coordinates: 40.4001237, 18.2908540
The Beach of San Cataldo is 15km from Lecce surrounded by a pine forest. Take the sea route from Lecce to the lighthouse of San Cataldo, turn left toward the boathouse and docks. Park and walk up to the military zone. Head to the beach, turn left and walk for about 2/3 km. Do not be discouraged if during the walk you come across semi-deserted stretches of beach. Shortly after you will find the first nudist beach for single men, straight and gay couples and groups of friends. The beach is frequented mostly in July and August.