Choose your Active Holiday – Italy Gay Travels

Looking for a  gay active holiday this summer? Look no further! Check out the amazing experiences we at Italy Gay Travels have planned for you this year between end of August and November in Puglia!

Choose your Active Holiday with Italy Gay Travels
Choose your Active Holiday with Italy Gay Travels

Amazing landscapes, delicious food, the hottest men: what is not to like about Puglia,the beautiful region in Southern Italy where we are based? We are so sure about this that we are inviting you all to discover this part of Italy in the next few months!

What are you planning to do these upcoming months of September and October? Whatever kind of holidays you are into, you will find the perfect option you are looking for.

Sailing Week: Italy to Greece… and back! (27 August – 2 September)

Do you feel like Christopher Columbus, always on the go on a sailing boat hunting for the next unknown land? Join an amazing Gay Sailing Trip at the end of August, from Italy to Greece, and back: click here for the full itinerary.

Finally for the first time, Christopher Columbus, Gios and their gay entourage will have a sailing trip going from the beautiful south coast of Puglia to Greece (okay minus Chris) ūüėä

The tour will start in the beautiful port city of Leuca, the South Easternmost part of Italy. This is a gem in the south of Italy. Leuca has all the charm of ancient Roman emperors while still being without the hordes of tourists.

We will welcome you with a glass of Prosecco of course (this is Italy!) and let you get ready for an amazing sailing week in the Mediterranean sea. If you have never sailed, fear not, we will show you the ropes to ensure you don’t go overboard. We have selected only the best local crew to keep you afloat as we cross the Adriatic sea and head to the beginnings of the gay culture (Greece that is).

This exclusive active holiday is a 7 day, 6 nights adventure stopping at islands and ports on the way where we can explore, sunbathe, swim, meet the locals, eat out and plenty more! The sailing trip starts and finishes in Leuca, but you might want to extend your trip and explore Salento, this southern region of Puglia. Why not explore the beaches in Gallipoli or Otranto and take in some of the amazing sights along the way?

Bike Tour in Salento (3-10 September)

Are you an amateur cyclist? This Italy Gay Travels Bike Tour will let you explore the amazing surroundings of Puglia on two wheels. We will focus on the typical food, wine and cheeses of the region, while enjoying beautiful landscapes. Make haste though: this exclusive active holiday will take place at the beginning of September (September 3-9 2017). There are only a few spots left. Book now to avoid disappointment.

This tour is available to anyone with a minimum level of cycling. So, even if you do not cycle like Pantani, worry not. You will enjoy our tour while experiencing the best Puglia has to offer. We will spend 4 nights in exclusive accommodation right in the center of Lecce, the so-called Florence of the South.

From there we will visit some amazing towns, such as Otranto, an enchanted coastal city with East meets West architecture. After reaching Gallipoli by bike, we will spend the last 3 nights of the tour in this location. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the fun summer nightlife of the area and to get to meet its friendly locals.

Food and Wine Tour with the Bear Naked Chef (22-28 October)

Do you feel like Nigella Lawson? Like her. you are you in love with Pasta, Lasagne, Burrata, Pizza and all sorts of Italian Delicacies? Some of the best Italian recipes come from Puglia: learn how to cook like a local, while enjoying the best Food and Wine of the area. Join our Luxury Food and Wine Tour and experience the best that Italy has to offer together with the Bear Naked Chef.

This will be a gay active holiday like no other: you will discover the best olive oils, wines and cheeses that Puglia has to offer in a luxurious environment. This experience will take place in an exclusive farmstead in the surroundings of Ostuni, the worldwide well know White Town. From there we will explore some of the most beautiful places of the region, such as Martina Franca, Alberobello, Ostuni, Polignano a Mare and Lecce.

Yoga Retreat near Ostuni (7-14 October)

Are you a meditative person? Willing to escape the frenetic city life and looking for the mind, body and spirit experience? Look no further! Our exclusive Gay Yoga Retreat, October 7-14 2017 is the perfect gay active holiday for you!

We will spend a full week in a typical Masseria (farmstead) set within acres of olive groves. We will be far away from the chaos of the city. Therefore this setting makes it the perfect spot to relax and tune out from the noise of our constant fast paced lives and really focus on yourself! We will stay near Ostuni, the White Town.

Our exclusive Gay Yoga Retreat also allows you to experience more than just Yoga. We can hop on a bicycle and visit the amazing beaches, explore the quaint towns and villages, trek through the natural landscapes and dine in beautiful cities of Puglia.

Are you still doubting whether to join in any of the amazing Active Holiday Experiences that we at Italy Gay Travels have planned for you? As usual, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us via email.

Ciao, and see you soon in sunny Puglia!

Great offers on your holiday in Italy with us. Book by May 31!

We at Italy Gay Travels offer the best travel experiences and holiday in Italy. We create bespoke holidays and tours for small to medium sized groups.

Planning a holiday in Italy this Summer? Please contact us at We will be happy to create your dream holiday and tours in Italy! Have you ever visited this beautiful country? We are happy to help you whatever your travel needs are: we will create a personalized tailored plan for you, your partner, your family and your friends! We will make your next travel to Italy really unforgettable!

If you wish, we are also available to be your personal travel guide around Italy: we will be happy to meet you and travel with you! We specialize in off the beaten touristic tracks: we will make you travel like a local!

Looking instead for a fixed departure group tour? Just take a look at the offers below: we are happy to offer very special discounts for our fixed departure group tours if booked by May, 31. Not finding what you are looking for yet? Browse our website to discover the beautiful region of Puglia and choose from the best gay and gay friendly accommodation of Southern Italy. Or just drop us an email for any request.

Puglia Gay Bike Tour

3-10 September 2017

2 people for only ‚ā¨1990, book before¬†31 May 2017

Are you and your partner, or your best friend, looking for the perfect gay active holiday with a group of smart like-minded guys from all over the world in sunny Puglia? Look no further!

Join us for an amazing Gay Bike tour through Salento and its coastline. This tour will be the perfect opportunity to meet new friends, get fit as well as discovering a region rich in history, good food and a reputation for tolerance and acceptance. This will be a bike tour like no other!

Gay Foodies Tour

22-29 October 2017

Only ‚ā¨1290 per person, book before¬†31 May 2017

Looking for a Culinary adventure this year? Why not join our exclusive Gay Foodies Tour in the sunny south of Puglia in October and discover Michelin star food in a place like no other. You will also learn to cook like a local with the tutorship of the Bear Naked Chef.

Book now to secure this very special offer!

Puglia Gay Yoga Retreat

8-15 October 2017

Only ‚ā¨790 per person,¬†book before¬†31 May 2017

Find your inner zen on our exclusive Gay Yoga Retreat. Spend a week in Salento among ancient olive groves and near stunning beaches! You will be led by Caleb, our experienced Yoga Teacher who will use both Vinyasa and restorative Yen Yoga.

Discover the best places Puglia can offer while staying in an ancient restored Farmstead!

Italy Gay Summer Pride

21-25 September 2017

Only ‚ā¨399 per person¬†in a double room, book before¬†31 May 2017

Join us for the highly anticipated¬†Italy Gay Summer Pride 2017! At just ‚ā¨399 per person sharing in a double room at the exclusive¬†4 star¬†Hotel Victoria Palace.

Four days of fun, sun and partying in an area like no other.

Join the local Italian talent this Summer and book now for this great offer.

Gay Tours in Puglia 2017 with Italy Gay Travels

Kendall and myself  are so lucky to call home one of the most beautiful places in the world: Puglia, in Southern Italy.

We are both avid travellers: as such we have visited many amazing places on the earth, and had so many different experiences. But, trust me, no place is like Puglia: Amazing landascapes, beautiful food, hot men! What is not to like about this area? In our humble (and biased of course) opinion, Puglia is the best that Italy can offer!

Have you ever visited this amazing place of the world? If not, we are inviting you all to discover this part of Italy in the next few months with us! We have organised a few exciting all Gay Tours in Puglia this Summer!

What are you planning to do these upcoming months of September and October? I have a few suggestions for you. Whatever kind of holidays you are into, you will find the perfect option you are looking for.

Gay Tours in Puglia РFood and Wine Tour

Are you a foodie, in love with Pizza, Pasta, Burrata and God only knows what else? Then you should know that some of the best (and simplest) Italian recipes come from Puglia. Join a¬†Luxury Food and Wine Tour, 22-28 October 2017: only ‚ā¨1990. But hurry up: ‚ā¨100 off Early Bird Price, if you book by May, 31.

Gay Tours in Puglia - Food and Wine
Gay Tours in Puglia – Food and Wine

We have invited the Italian Bear Naked Chef to join us for a sensational week in the heel of the boot where we will learn how to coouok like the locals, while discovering the best olive oils, wines and cheeses that the region has to offer. This luxury experience will take place in an exclusive farmstead in the surroundings of Ostuni. From there we will explore some of the most beautiful places of the region, such as Martina Franca, Alberobello, Ostuni, Polignano a Mare and Lecce.

Gay Tours in Puglia – Bike Tour

Are you an active traveller, willing to explore the best places in the world while riding a bike?¬†Join¬†Italy Gay Travels Bike¬†Tour, September 2-9 2017: only ‚ā¨1490.¬†But hurry up: ‚ā¨100 off Early Bird Price, if you book by May, 31.

Gay Bike Tour in Puglia
Gay Bike Tour in Puglia

We will spend 4 nights in exclusive accommodations right in the center of beautiful Lecce, the so-called Florence of the South. From there we will explore by bike the amazing surroundings of the area. Among them, Otranto, an enchanted coastal city with East meets West architecture. After reaching Gallipoli by bike, we will spend the last 3 nights of the tour in this location. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the fun summer nightlife of the area and to get to meet its juicy local talent.

Gay Tours in Puglia –¬†Yoga Retreat

Are you a meditative person, willing to escape the frenetic city life and¬†looking for the¬†mind, body¬†and spirit experience? Look no further! Join Italy Gay Travels on an¬†exclusive¬†Gay Yoga Retreat¬†in the southernmost tip of Puglia, known as Salento, October 2-9 2017: only ‚ā¨1290.¬†But hurry up: ‚ā¨100 off Early Bird Price, if you book by May, 31.

We will spend a full week in a typical Salento Masseria (farmstead) set within acres of olive groves and nearby to stunning beaches which are within cycling distance. Therefore this setting makes it the perfect spot to relax and tune out from the noise of our constant fast paced lives and really focus on yourself! We will stay near Otranto, which is a gem within this area, known for its mix of East meets West architecture. Our exclusive Gay Yoga Retreat also allows you to experience more than just Yoga. We can hop on a bicycle and visit the amazing beaches, explore the quaint towns and villages, trek through the natural landscapes and dine in beautiful Salento cities.

Gay Tours Puglia –¬†Italy Gay Summer Pride 2017

Are you a party goer, enjoy sipping cocktails on the beach while listening to the best beats? We have partnered with XXL London to offer Italy Gay Summer Pride 2017.

Italy Gay Summer Pride 2017¬†is 4 day Gay Beach Party on the beautiful bay of Gallipoli. Our long weekend is packed with beach, fun and sun! We have partnered with¬†Victoria Palace Hotel. This¬†beautiful 4-star hotel is moments away from the beachfront and within walking distance to the center of Gallipoli. This exclusive hotel comes equipped with a pool, spa, gym, restaurant and private beach. Our guests needs are taken care of while they enjoy this party in paradise. Hurry up: the full package costs only ‚ā¨399 per person (in a Double Room) if you book by May,¬†31.

Coming solo? No problem: you can still join in on the fun without spending a fortune! With our Room Matching Program we will match you with another solo traveller, willing to share a double room.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your spot in the sun to discover clash royale free gems this beautiful Gay Puglia with us. Do you need more information? As usual, please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have.


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